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Characteristics of insulating materials

The insulating material has good chemical resistance. Insulating materials are mostly shiny translucent objects, and some are partially transparent.

Are high-temperature-resistant coatings and fire-resistant materials the same thing?

Many people confuse high-temperature-resistant coatings with fire-resistant coatings, thinking that they can withstand high temperatures, so fire protection should also be possible, but in fact there is an essential difference between the two. The high temperature outside and the baking on the flame are not the same. The "function" of the two is common.

A brief introduction to the combustion resistance of insulating sheets

Insulating sheet is a material that can prevent the passage of electric current. Its resistivity is very high, usually in the range of 10 to 10Ω·m.

What are the characteristics of wear-resistant coatings?

Few people know about wear-resistant coatings. It is a new type of functional coatings with good durability and durability. It is usually used on metal surfaces or lenses and glass, so that it has more wear resistance, so that it will not be scratched. So, today the editor will give you a specific introduction to the characteristics of wear-resistant coatings? What are the precautions for the use of wear-resistant coatings.

Treatment method of insulation fault of power transformer

At present, the most widely used power transformers are oil-immersed transformers and dry-type resin transformers. The insulation of power transformers is the insulation system composed of transformer insulation materials. It is the basic condition for the normal operation and operation of the transformer. The service life of the transformer is determined by It is determined by the life of the insulating material (that is, oil paper or resin, etc.).
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